Tuesday, April 12, 2005


We picked the Cabernet last Wednesday. Sugar level was 12' Baume, pH 3.7 and TA 10g/L. The latter figure is a surprise in such a warm climate. Hopefully MLF will eventually reduce the impact of this high acidity.
We got about 300L of must which commenced fermentation very quickly and was quite active for almost a week. The cap was plunged at least four times a day and color extraction was excellent.
Today we drained and pressed. Just under 200L of wine went into the tank. French oak mini staves were added to the fermentation and subsequently into the tank to impart the traditional oak flavor.
Fermentation will finish in the tank and then settling of the lees will take place.
The wine will be racked off these lees just before I leave for Italy in early May.
In the meantime, the cattle are still doing well. There has been a significant weight gain in both cows and calves. The former will be sent to market the first week of May.