Saturday, February 17, 2007

About Grape Bunches

Vine identification, ampelography, is based on the morphological characters of the growing tips, shoots and leaves as well as those of bunches and berries.
In a December 2005 blog, we looked at the various leaf characteristics of the vines growing in our small vineyard.
Now with harvest almost upon us, it's time to look at bunch shapes of those same varieties and how the berries fill them.
Tempranillo has large well shouldered, well filled to compact bunches with berries that are variable in size shape and which have a heavy bloom.

Semillon has medium, conical bunches which are well filled to compact. Berries are rather small round to short oval and juicy. Bunches are very easily damaged.

Pinot Noir bunches are small cylindrical and winged. Because they are very compact, the small short oval berries are often pressed out of shape.

Chardonnay bunches are rather small, cylindrical generally with a wing well filled to compact with small round berries.

Cabernet Sauvignon bunches are rather small, conical often winged and loose to well filled. The small round berries detach easily (shattering).

The 2007 South Coast Wine Show

The 2007 South Coast Wine show took place on Australia Day. Judges David Morris and David Lowe tasted 155 entries from 25 vineyards and wineries from the Shoalhaven Coast and Southern Highlands Regions and South Coast Zone. For the first time, as part of a training program, associate judges were invited to attend both white and red sections of the show.
Gold Medal Pinot Noir
Seventy seven medals comprising six gold, fourteen silver and fifty seven bronze were awarded. The gold medal winners were Coolangatta Estate 2006, 2004, 2001 and 2000 Semillons as well as McVitty Grove 2005 Black Label Pinot Noir and Cherry Tree Hill 2005 Riesling.
This was another successful show with a record number of entries. Judges commented on the increasing quality of the wines submitted.
The following day separate exhibitors' and public tastings took place where wine makers had the opportunity to discuss their results with the judges. This is an integral part of improving the regions' wine quality.
Silver Medal Cabernet Sauvignon
The public tasting attracted a record crowd who enjoyed two hours of good wine and food.
The Wine Show Presentation Dinner took place in early February and was well attended with excellent venue and food provided by Bannisters Restaurant and the opportunity to taste some of the gold and silver medal winning wines.
All medal winning wines will go on display at the Milton Agricultural Show in early March.