Monday, April 29, 2013

The Trees Think It's Autumn

Living in a country where there are no native deciduous trees the only real indication of autumn is a drop in temperature and humidity......and visually, where people have planted exotics.
So far we have not experienced the typical climatic conditions with it still being shorts and t-shirt weather.
But the exotic trees (and grape vines) obviously know better.
These are a few of the 'indicators' growing around us.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The 'Average' Australian

Results of the 2011 Census have been published and both the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the press have done the usual analysis.
So here is a summary (thanks to the Sydney Morning Herald and the ABS).
Just over half of the population is female. There have been slightly more women than men in Australia since 1979; the ratio has been pretty constant at around 99 men for every 100 women for several years.
The average Aussie is 37 years old.
The average citizen was born in Australia. In fact, 74 per cent of the population was born in Australia, and more than 54 per cent had both their parents born here, too.
The average citizen only speaks English at home, compared to the one in five who speak another language. The most common languages other than English are Mandarin (1.6 per cent), Italian (1.5 per cent), Arabic (1.4 per cent), Cantonese (1.3 per cent), Greek (1.2 per cent) and Vietnamese (1.1 per cent).
The average citizen identifies with a Christian religion, most probably Catholic. This has changed a lot over the past 100 years – in 1911, 96 per cent of people considered themselves Christian, but that number has now fallen to 61 per cent.
Both the average man and woman are in paid employment. Across the sexes, the most common occupation is sales assistant, reflecting the number of casual or part-time staff in the workforce. Other common occupations for men were truck driver, electrician, and retail manager; for women, the list included general clerk, primary school teacher, and office manager.
Of those who worked in the week before Census night, men worked an average of 41 hours, compared with 32 hours for women. But this was switched when it came to domestic work; the average woman did five hours or more of housework a week, while the average man did less than five hours.
The average citizen travels by car to work, usually as the driver – and the average family now has two or more cars.
Just over half of the adult population (54 per cent) is married.
The average married couple lives in a home with their son and daughter – and the children’s median ages are nine and six. It's most common for families to have two children; in those, 52 per cent have a girl and a boy, 25 per cent have two boys, and 23 per cent have two girls.
The average family lives in a suburb of a state or territory capital, in a free-standing, three-bedroom home.
The average family is paying $1800 a month to pay off their mortgage (35 per cent). Just over a third of families (33 per cent) own their homes outright, and 29 per cent are renting.
More details here.