Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Spring Is Definitely Around The Corner

The "new" vineyard has been completely revamped following the hail damage.
Not many of the Tempranillo survived the storm without major damage so a decision was made to cut the entire planting back to two buds and start again. A number of vines had to be replaced. All have been contained in vineguards.
The Semillon did not receive as much damage due to its more mature state.
However around 50% were cut back to two buds. The rest was pruned to shortened cordons and the trunks disbudded. We now have "woolly bud" on both varieties so bud burst cannot be far away.
The Pinot Noir was reduced to two buds and started again. This variety has another 12 months to prove itself in this area or else out it comes and another (Sauvignon Blanc?) will be tried.
The Cabernet Sauvignon was spur pruned as normal. There has been some bud damage but nothing major. All cuttings have been collected and burnt. Bud burst is not expected in this late variety until late September.
Work on the vegetable garden is finished and it needs some rain and warmer weather to come before planting. The latter cannot be far away as in addition to the early peach, the plum trees have begun to flower.
Meanwhile preparations for the 2006 South Coast Wine Show progress. It will be held in January.
At the South Coast Wine Show held earlier this year, local wines achieved outstanding results. National wine judges David Morris and David Lowe, and Nicole Esdaile, judged a total of 141 entries in 9 classes which included sparkling wine, sweet white, dry white, red wines and fortified wines. The wines were predominantly from the Shoalhaven Coast and Southern Highlands regions, with one producer from the Far South Coast entering wines.
A total of 56 medals were awarded indicating the wonderful quality of the wines entered - 38 medals to Shoalhaven Coast producers and 18 to Southern Highlands producers. Three gold medals were awarded to outstanding wines. These were Coolangatta Estate 1998 Semillon, Cuttaway Hill Estate 2004 Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc, and Coolangatta Estate 2001 Semillon. The semillons were in the mature white class of 12 entries , indicating the depth of quality in our local wines.
Special awards made to producers include:
Best Wine of Show - Coolangatta Estate 1998 Sermillon.
Best White Wine - Coolangatta Estate 1998 Sermillon
Best Red Wine - Kladis Estate Wines 2003 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
Best Chambourcin - Yarrawa Estate 2004 Chambourcin.
Best Wine Produced in a Shoalhaven Coast Winery - Yarrawa Estate 2004 Chambourcin
Best Wine Made from Southern Highland Grapes - Cuttaway Hill 2004 Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc.
The most successful producer was Coolangatta Estate from the Shoalhaven Coast Region, with 2 trophies as well as 2 gold, 2 silver and 11 bronze medals, which is an outstanding result.
Other Shoalhaven Coast producers to win medals were Cambewarra Estate ( 2 silver, 6 bronze ), Kladis Estate Wines ( 1 silver, 5 bronze ), Fern Gully Winery ( 3 bronze ), Crooked River Wines ( 3 bronze ),Yarrawa Estate ( 1 silver ), Roselea Vineyard ( 1 bronze ) and The Silos Estate ( 1 bronze ).
The successful Southern Highlands producers were Cuttaway Hill Estate ( 1 trophy, 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze ), Centennial Vineyards ( 1 silver, 3 bronze ), Southern Highlands Wines ( 3 bronze ), Sally's Corner Wines ( 1 silver, 1 bronze ), Dancart Ghost Gum Grove Vineyard ( 1 bronze ), Greenbrier Park Vineyard ( 1 bronze ), Pulpit Rock Estate ( 1 bronze ), Joadja Winery ( 1 bronze ).
The judges were impressed by the quality of our regional wines which are comparable to many long established wines regions. David Morris commented that there were some outstanding wines entered, particularly in the mature white wine class, where a total of 10 medals were awarded from the 12 entries. David is eager to return for future shows to experience the flavours that will develop once younger vines have matured. The South Coast Wine Show is fortunate to have David Morris as chief judge because of his vast experience as a national wine show judge. David Lowe also has extensive show judging experience and was excited during judging about the high quality of wines entered.