Saturday, December 09, 2006


The drought continues in the south east. The newer grapevines are suffering as their roots have not yet made it into the deep subsoil. Leaves are turning yellow and dropping. Nothing much can be done as the water left in the dams is needed for the stock.
Two new calves arrived. One was basically abandoned by her mother so had to hand feed her for a few weeks. I locked the both of them in the yards to bond and forced the little one to suck while her mother was locked in the race. The ploy worked. Eventually the milk came on and the little one was soon strong enough to go back with the herd.
Am off to celebrate Christmas in cold South Dakota, USA in a few days. Will be a long trip as I have cashed in some frequent flyer points and have to go to and from Los Angeles via Singapore. That's 7 hours in the wrong direction.
Compliments of the season to all my readers (if there are any!)