Monday, April 10, 2006

Big Sunday

An intense low pressure system in the south Tasman Sea sent huge swells up the south coast of New South Wales. In Sydney most beaches were closed and even the Sydney Harbour ferries were cancelled because of the size of the waves rolling in through the heads.

Seven Metre Wave 500m Off Bawley Point
Our local beaches were also closed by the huge swell. At Bawley Point waves were breaking half a kilometer off the point and washing over the normally dry rocky headland. It was a case of take a picture and run.

Complete Closeout of Gannet Beach
Sets of four to five waves were completely closing out Gannet and Cormorant Beaches and washing up over the sand dunes. How much damage has been done to the beaches can only be established once the swell dies down. That is expected to occur over the next few days.

Surfer at Gannet Beach Bombie
But it was not all bad news. In the lee of Brush Island the swells were rolling over the bombie at Gannet Point and peeling off in perfect long tubes for the surfers who were brave enough to venture out.

Surfer at Gannet Beach Bombie
There were some spectacular rides and wipe outs. Both board riders and boogie boarders were having a great time watched by a large group of spectators on the headland.

Big Swell at Bawley Point
Meanwhile back on the farm, the Cabernet Sauvignon has been harvested and vinification commenced. Sugar level was 13% and pH 3.7. Yield was down due to the wallaby damage earlier on in the year but quality will more than make up for this.
Nets have been removed, rows mowed and the last of the summer weeds sprayed off. Now we have time off from viticultural duties until pruning commences in winter.

An Autumn Vineyard
Last year's vintage has been bottled to make way for this years. The wine has held up well in the tank with no sign of oxidation. Wine quality is acceptable with good varietal nose, medium body and alcohol and just a hint of French oak. A good quaffing wine.
Now it's time to turn attention to this year's overseas trip. Three weeks in Scotland and two months in the USA are planned.

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