Saturday, August 12, 2006

Escape from Tucson

We made it to Sioux Falls.......just!
After getting up at 4am to get ready for an early departure to Phoenix to get our flight,I noticed it was sprinkling when I was packing the car. By the time we were ready to leave it was bucketing down. We waited about 15 minutes but there was no let up so we left anyway. Our street was like a river with water halfway up our wheels. Our usual way out of town was blocked by a wash running at a million miles an hour, so I tried another way which was also flooded.
So we headed back home, called the airline to change our flights and waited.....and waited. It just didn't stop.
The tv was issuing warnings about flash flooding and dangerous conditions every ten minutes or so. After a few hours we made another attempt. It was still bad but not as dangerous as before. Once we got on the interstate we knew we had made the right decision to wait.There was a huge number of cars that had come to grief spinning out in the wet treacherous conditions and crashing into safety barriers.
We got to Phoenix ok and then had to fill up before returning our car to the rental office. The only gas station we could find was right in the middle of the area where the Phoenix sniper has been operating so it was a little disconcerting filling up the car and watching out for a beige truck that he is supposed to be driving.
Sioux Falls was hot too and also very humid.
I think I like the desert climate better.
During the week we caught up with family and friends. I even made it to a batting cage and had my first hit of a baseball.....medium speed.
On our last weekend, the family threw a a surprise early 60th birthday for me.
We had a ball.
It had a distinct Elvis theme. Lots of nice Elvis orientated presents, a keg of Coors, roasted pork loin and beans and a disco. The more energetic played volley ball, the more sensible sat back and drank beer.
I lasted until midnight, some others until 2:30am!
It was great way to end my USA visit.
So, after a short detour to Vancouver Island, Canada, I would be on my way home.

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