Saturday, February 17, 2007

About Grape Bunches

Vine identification, ampelography, is based on the morphological characters of the growing tips, shoots and leaves as well as those of bunches and berries.
In a December 2005 blog, we looked at the various leaf characteristics of the vines growing in our small vineyard.
Now with harvest almost upon us, it's time to look at bunch shapes of those same varieties and how the berries fill them.
Tempranillo has large well shouldered, well filled to compact bunches with berries that are variable in size shape and which have a heavy bloom.

Semillon has medium, conical bunches which are well filled to compact. Berries are rather small round to short oval and juicy. Bunches are very easily damaged.

Pinot Noir bunches are small cylindrical and winged. Because they are very compact, the small short oval berries are often pressed out of shape.

Chardonnay bunches are rather small, cylindrical generally with a wing well filled to compact with small round berries.

Cabernet Sauvignon bunches are rather small, conical often winged and loose to well filled. The small round berries detach easily (shattering).

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