Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mighty Mouse

When the weather starts to cool off in autumn a few members of our wild life population like to take up residence in the warmth of the home, the shed and stables. To combat this I have a large range of poison baits of varying chemical composition (to reduce the chance of the build up of resistance) in various forms eg. granules, pastes, wax blocks and throwable packets for those hard to get to places.
There was distinct evidence a few weeks ago that a mouse had made its home in the kitchen so we spread the bait around.
He touched nothing!
Then we set up mouse traps with peanut butter.
Now here I have to say that the only Australian manufacturer of mouse traps, wooden ones, was put out of business by cheap imported plastic ones made in China some years ago.
Talk about the plastic ones being useless. Our mouse just ate the peanut butter off them without springing them. You just can't get the trigger sensitive enough. They must have bigger mice in China.

Then we got very expensive super duper rotary traps that were said to be irresistible.
The rodent was not interested.
Becoming increasingly frustrated by mighty mouse two scientific minds got together and we crushed up an ambien tablet and mixed it with peanut butter. interest.
Finally I cut open one of the throwable packets and exposed the contents and guess what?
He was into it like no tomorrow. Why all of a sudden I will never know.
And I noticed some of the ambien cocktail had also been taken.
Now he is either gone to God or is fast asleep somewhere.
Will keep you up to date with our progress in this matter.

UPDATE 18/05/07: ding dong, the mouse is dead.

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