Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Even More Wild Weather

A third low pressure system developed over the Tasman Sea between us and New Zealand and the weather bureau was warning that this could be the worst winter storm yet. It is highly unusual to have three of these systems form within 2 weeks of our winter and although we are not in a cyclone zone this storm had the intensity of a category 2.
People all along the coast from Naroooma to Newcastle were battening down.
We waited.....and waited
Lots of rain and a little wind but nothing much else.
Apparently a band of cold air came over the Great Dividing Range and the high winds were pushed upwards.
A classical example of inversion.

The cold layer dumped snow on the mountains and there were blizzards in the Snowys so they are going to have a great ski season in the resorts there.
Today it is bright and sunny.
The surf is huge with waves up to and sometimes over 10m. People living on the foreshores are in danger of having their houses washed away.
At home, the paddocks are saturated, the creek is in flood and the road in is a bog.
But we are not complaining. I think the drought on the south east coastal region of New South Wales is officially over.

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