Wednesday, October 03, 2007

And Now for Something Completely Different

We decided it was a good idea to use the video facility in my Canon G6 digital camera to take a few clips of the area we live in, put them on a CD, and send them to family members who couldn't ever get to come down this way to see us.
Granted the quality of these would not be great in comparison to a proper video camera but viewed via Windows Media Player (or the Mac equivalent) on a computer they should be good enough.
So we have had a lot of fun deciding on what clips to take on the farm and the surrounding area and actually getting them done. We took turns at shooting and/or narrating and reckon we have collected a pretty good overview of where we live.

The camera has a basic editing function so we have been able to eliminate most of the bloopers.
Then it is just a matter of downloading the clips from the camera to the computer and then transferring them to a CD.
The only disadvantage was the fact that the presentation would be made up of whole lot of single clips.
The other night I was trolling through the programs on my relatively new computer looking for something when............. BINGO!
I found Windows Movie Maker is on there!!!!!!!!
Not only can you combine all the clips into one but you can edit, add transitions, titles, credits, all sorts of visual affects and even music.
We have had a lot of fun doing this.
Due to this discovery, our little collection of clips has now turned into a 15 minute epic!
Cecil B. deMille eat your heart out.
We are in post production right now and expect distribution early next week.
And now because the file is so large we will have to burn DVD's.
I know you can hardly suppress your excitement in South Dakota.....but try!

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sista said...

horray! the comments are back on! how exciting. can't wait for my very own dvd. :)