Wednesday, January 07, 2009


We rely solely on rain water collected off the roof of the house and other buildings and stored in four tanks for our domestic water supply.
It is a continuous job keeping the gutters, down pipes and tank filters clean of leaves and other debris.
I have tried a number of "gutter guard" products all of which have failed miserably for one reason or another.
Of course there are numerous integrated systems but you have to be a lottery winner to afford any of them together with the necessary professional installation.
So now I am in the process of trying another DIY system.
Part of the deal is cleaning out the gutters and tank delivery pipes before installation.
As expected there were the usual group of resident frogs living in the pipes.
They took the disturbance in their stride waiting in a nearby tree until my job was finished.
No doubt they soon returned to their spring cleaned abodes.
Frogs are part of our world here. They live in the dams, in the damper parts of the garden and bush and even in the septic tank.
It is not unusual to find one swimming around in the toilet bowl having made the long journey up the sewerage pipe. These are completely white having had no exposure to light. Their presence in this location has caused some visitors a little concern and screams emanating from the bathroom can bring a wry smile to those "in the know".
I have found that a permanent flushable toilet cleaner keeps them at bay but then this reduces their entertainment value.
At times when moths attracted by the lights swarm over our windows, dozens of frogs suddenly appear for a feast.
It is quite fascinating to see them stalking their prey with their little suckered feet sticking to the glass and then suddenly striking with their long tongues.

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