Friday, June 26, 2009

A June Update

Winter has arrived well and truly. Cold days with a biting wind blowing off the snow on the Snowy Mountrains a hundred or so kilometers away. They have a great start the skiing season up there with a cover of 50cm made up of natural fall and man made snow. Some days we have had the fire going 24/7.

The other good news is that we have had plenty of consistent rain. It hasn't been heavy but finally I noticed today that the lower paddocks had become a little 'squishy' and there was water lying about. This means the water table is filling up and we will start to get runoff to fill the dams soon. The spring on my boundary as started to flow with a bit more vigour and its little dam is quite full. The local paper was highlighting only this week how so many creeks in the area considered permanent had dried up. Cattle breeders around the area were tapping into town water to keep things going. Those of us not so lucky to have this luxury were thinking of other means to keep our stock watered. But it looks as though now we won't have to worry.
Pruning has been delayed by the weather but we still have plenty of time to get this done.
End of August is my deadline. Global warming has resulted in earlier and earlier bud burst over the last decade so we dont have as long as we used to to get this job done.
We have also had to put our Shoalhaven Coast exploration on hold.
But fear not! As you read this we will be still enjoying our little holiday in Hong Kong and will have, I am sure, a few tales to tell as well as a few pictures to share.

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