Monday, July 20, 2009

A July Update

July can be summed up in one word.
I came back from Hong Kong with something that turned into flu.
Swine flu?
Who knows. We didn't report it as it was easier, where we live, just to quarantine ourselves for a week and take the usual remedies.
The co driver ended up with it too but with lot less severe symptoms than I experienced.
So for three weeks we have basically been doing very little but feel sorry for ourselves.

The weather has been wet and cold so we didn't need too much of a reason to hang around the house.
But this has put our program well behind.
There is still a lot of pruning to be done both here and at another vineyard. And there is a lot of wine that still needs to be bottled.
We are hand feeding the cattle now as some pretty severe frosts have killed off any of the green grass that was left. Luckily this year there is a good supply of lucerne hay available albeit still very expensive. It's amazing how 'tame' they get after a week's up close and personal treatment. I can walk among and touch them now without any ensuing panic. The big bull is especially inquisitive but I still keep an eye on him.....just in case.
Even the calves have reduced their 'safe distance' perimeter.
So we are looking forward to some sunshine and dry weather over the next few weeks so we can catch up on our chores.

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