Saturday, January 02, 2010

Welcome 2010!

We managed to make it to around 9:30pm on New Years Eve but at least we were able to hit the surf early the next morning with a clear head for an swim on a basically deserted beach which is unusual for this time of year. Considering the 'condition' of some of the beach goers we came across asleep in the sand dunes or struggling down later, I think we may have made the right decision not to party all night.
We have slipped into our summer routine without much hassle. Early trips into town for groceries and other essentials, early visits to the beach and then quiet afternoons doing a bit around the place or watching some cricket on TV. 'Holiday Hermits' is the local expression.
We have been having regular thunderstorms most afternoons. Lots of thunder and lightning and short torrential downpours dumping about 2mm over 10 minutes. Then nothing!
At least the grass is turning greener and getting longer each day. This has brought the kangaroos and wallabies in and they are now constant companions around the house. They love the fresh green shoots. Lucky the vines are netted as they love those too.

The daughter arrives today for a week's visit. We have planned some lunches out and some good dinners in. Other than that I think she will be happy to hit the beach, read, veg out and chill after what has been a busy year. Working and doing a university course at the same time doesn't allow much time off. She and TTP have plans to visit Vanuatu next month and the USA east coast later in the year. Our travel plans look to be on hold for 2010. We have visitors from codriverland coming in March and September which is usually our travel time so instead we may take the opportunity to see some of our own country for a change this year.
A close inspection of all three vineyard blocks over the last week showed that despite some old leaf fall due to the drought, they are not in too bad a state. The Pinot Noir and Tempranillo are in the veraison stage. Hopefully the shoots will have enough leaves left on them to ripen the fruit to a reasonable level. There was little sign of disease and no sign of any pests.
Could be a low yield high quality vintage!


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