Sunday, March 14, 2010

March So Far

The co-driver is a quilter. Before meeting her I didn't know much about quilting apart from what I had seen in the movie "How to Make an American Quilt".
But in South Dakota pretty much all her family and friends are involved. And I must know just about every quilt shop in that state plus those in Northern Iowa and Nebraska, Minnesota and even Grey Bull, Wyoming! And of course when travelling around Australia we are always armed with a list of quilting stores on the route we are taking.
Anyway, the point of this story is that about 7 years ago she began a quilt that was influenced by the colours and light of her adopted country. It is finally finished and it is beautiful!
Niece Crystal arrived a week ago from co driverland and we have been introducing her to the quiet life we lead.
Despite the weather being a little uncooperative at the beginning of her visit (we refuse to complain about the rain), we have beached it a few days and introduced her to ocean swimming and the surf. We have also found some native animals to be up close and personal with as well as investigated some of the shops in the towns in our vicinity. She has also been trying out a few typically Australian food items including meat pies and hot crossed buns and even tried an oyster. The latter did get the thumbs down. However a traditional roast lamb dinner passed with flying colours. And whether she likes it or not she has been subjected to quite a few rugby games.

My wine stash has also been taking a bit of a beating but there is plenty left in the tanks. All the new wines are looking good. No joy at the Milton Show as far as wine awards this year however will try harder next time. I think the 2010 Tempranillo looks like an exceptionally good one.
The five bulls went off to market with little drama. The 'girls' don't seem to miss them. Average price was $1.05 kg so was satisfied with that.
This weekend we are heading to Sydney for the daughter's birthday and a bit of sight seeing around Sydney.
This will give the two ladies a chance to do some real shopping!


Anonymous said...

it just can't be said often enuf....beautiful quilt. lovely wildlife and scenery too!

Karen said...

Oh my.... I wish that quilt was mine. And I wish I could see the scenery in person. Yes, I know.... we just have to book some tickets. Working on it...