Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goodbye, Old Friend.

Australians tend to keep their cars for quite a long time.
But this must be some sort of record.
Neighbour Bob has a 1987 Ford Falcon which has racked up 546,000 km (341,250 miles).
It has been relegated to a work horse for many years now, helping Bob carry his tools of trade around many rural properties as well as his rods to the beach for fishing trips.
He was aware that she was fast wearing out and his fears were confirmed during the last annual registration inspection when the mechanics said although they will pass it one more time not to bother bringing it back again.

The "Bobmobile" as it is known around here reacted to this news by developing a huge oil leak and internally destroying her power steering system.
So on Tuesday it's off to the wreckers.
There will be an appropriate wake that evening at the Tavern.
The number plates will obviously be transferred to the replacement vehicle.

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Christine said...

oh - how sad. I along with my two siblings learned to drive in this car. I remember when my brother sent it flying into a power pole, impressive as he was at the ATM at the time. My sister hit a petrol bowser in it...and i failed to negotiate my first two lane roundabout in Sydney with it. The bubble, the yellow peril, has withstood all we've thrown at it. The farm - and dad's means of transport just won't be the same!