Monday, October 31, 2011

An October Update

I arrived back from the USA to find all grape varieties passed bud burst and well into shoot growth, even the later variety Cabernet Sauvignon.
Also the lawn as well as the grass in the vineyard inter rows were already out of control.
This of course meant lots of mowing and fungicide spraying, both of which need fine weather which eluded us for another week. Eventually something like normal fine spring weather came and it was a chance to try out my new electric sprayer.
It gets towed behind my ride-on in a trailer and is powered by the ride-on battery. I went for a larger pump option which allows the use of 15m of spray hose.
What a great thing! So quick and easy.
Gone are the days of hawking around multiple loads in a heavy back pack sprayer.

Stirling was down to help with a bigger than normal fencing job. I had discovered a large tree down over multiple panels on my southern boundary fence just before leaving for overseas so locked off the paddock to the cattle until I got home. So it was a matter of clearing the tree, cutting and setting new posts including a big strainer as well as joining and stretching barbed wire.
Two things we noticed while doing this were the leeches were out and about again. And so were the black snakes.
The cows have started to have their calves. So far so good with three on the ground without problems. "Dr" Neighbour Bob is on standby just in case however.
We have planted another vegetable garden (tomatoes, rocket, zucchini, silver beat) with a new irrigation system installed as last years proved completely ineffective. Instead of drip irrigation, we are trying weeping hose made from recycled car tyres which is laid directly in loops onto the soil. All this produce coupled with the mixed salad and herbs supplied by neighbour Gail should hopefully see us set up for a lot of healthy summer meals.

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