Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

The daughter arrived for an Easter long weekend visit early on Thursday morning after a 5:30am start from Sydney so she could beat the horrendous traffic that is a scourge at this time of year on most roads out of the city.
We went into town for lunch at her favourite vegetarian restaurant and pigged out on the usual stuff, the harvest burger always being her choice.
That night we had a combined co driver /daughter birthday dinner.
The daughter was a little intimidated at first by her present but soon warmed to it. Who wouldn't want two private surfing lessons from a previous women's world champion?
Fillet steak, potato casserole, and grilled tomatoes were on the menu. This was followed by the co driver's decadent home made chocolate cake. I got out some 'good' wine from the secret stash and we drank Pikes 'The Merle' 2011 Riesling and Coldstream Hills Reserve 2010 Pinot Noir.
Good Friday we headed down the beach. It was a perfect Autumn day, sunny and warm. The downside was the surf was huge and quite dangerous and the Easter holiday crowd were all over.
Then it was home to do some serious mowing. All the rain and warm weather had created a jungle around the house.
Needless to say with three Rugby matches plus a Friday night replay to watch, we had the evening all sewn up.
Saturday involved picking up hundreds of pine cones from under our Radiata pine tree. The black cockatoos descend on the tree this time of year to eat the unripe cones and don't have great table manners. They drop them willy nilly and they are hard on the feet if left lying around.
Then we stacked away our first firewood delivery of the season and headed down the beach for a walk.
Not a great day weather wise but it was nice to walk to one of our favourite headlands and sit and watch the surf roll in.

After handing out the chocolate on Easter Sunday, we had a quiet morning followed by the usual intense game of Scrabble.
Then it was back down to another beach for a long walk and a sit on the rocks. Four huge sea eagles hovered over us in the breeze searching for food. It was low tide so we did a bit of rock pool investigating. Came across one with not only the usual selection of crabs hiding in the crevices and shells gripping on tightly but also abalone, cunji and sea anemones
Roast lamb with roast veg (potato, carrot, pumpkin and beetroot) was on the menu for dinner.
Next morning dawned another perfect day.
High blue cloudless sky, sunshine, no wind and a temperature around 22 degrees.
After a pancake breakfast we headed down the beach.
The crowd had thinned out as many were already heading back to the city to avoid the inevitable highway traffic jams (reported as 10-15km long by the afternoon!).
The surf had dropped to a reasonable level and we had fun catching a few waves and just floating about during the lull in swells. The ocean was crystal clear and the temperature was relatively warm for this time of year.
Then it was home for lunch, another tense game of Scrabble, a sit in the sun and then dinner.
Up early the next morning, the daughter hit the road after brekky.
Our quiet life recommenced.

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