Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mystery of American Cherries

A little while ago I mentioned that USA cherries were in local supermarkets and were very cheap.
They have become even cheaper.
Last week we paid the equivalent of around $US4.00 lb.
I sent my dedicated shopper spy in the mid west of USA out to find the prices there.
They range between $US2.49 - $3.49 lb on special but the normal price seems to be $US4.00 lb or maybe a little higher

So how come they can be exported all the way to Australia (you would have to assume by airfreight), go through all the rigours of quarantine inspections/treatments and then be distributed around the country for about the same price?
Are the good citizens of the USA subsidizing our out of season cherry consumption?
Not that I am complaining.
They are just great!

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