Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Mystery May Be Solved.

This year we lost three calves out of the six born.
We have never had such a high mortality rate.
The vet said it was the very wet season that had caused a tick plague and that young animals were very susceptible to the tick toxin.
We received our rural rates notice the other day. This comes from a state government instrumentality that deals with pasture protection and livestock health, sales and transport.
Their newsletter had very an interesting article.

There has been an outbreak of  the Ikeda variant of Theileriosis (bovine anaemia) on the south coast.
This disease is caused by Theileria orientalis a vector borne blood parasite.
Bush ticks, among other biting insects, are believed to be a common transmitter of the disease.
Calves are very susceptible succumbing from between 6 and 16 weeks of age.
Most the symptoms listed were noticed in our calves including the sudden death of apparently healthy ones.
There is no treatment.
Prevention is the cure.
Keeping the animals healthy by drenching for fluke and worms as well as feed supplements is one way.
Pour on insecticides/repellents during the tick season is another.
We will be ready next season.

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