Thursday, October 10, 2013

RTW 2013

By the time you all read this we will have almost completed our seven week 'Round the World' trip.
This time, when visiting the USA to catch up with family, we decided that instead of the normal return across the Pacific, we would do a complete circuit and go see a few places on our bucket list as well as return to a few favorites.
The planned route is from Sydney to Singapore for a couple of nights stopover.
This will be a good break after an 8 hour flight to enjoy a few days relaxing by the hotel pool, eat some good Asian food, do a little shopping (only window variety, hopefully) and explore more of this exciting city. 
Then it will be onto Vienna via Frankfurt for a few weeks to visit parts of Austria.
This transit day, well night really, will be a long one with two flights, the first one twelve hours, the other only one but with a 3 hour layover in between. We haven't been to Frankfurt in quite a while but I can think of worse airports to hang about in for a few hours. Maybe time for eine Wurst und ein (oder zwei) Bier even though it will be 6am (but not to us).

The plan is to spend a week in Vienna then travel by train down to Salzburg for a few days. From there to the small Wachau town of Duernstein by train and bus to enjoy a few days in the Danube Valley wine area.
From Vienna we fly to Zurich, change planes for a flight to LAX, finally ending up in Las Vegas that night. Another long day! Hopefully the flight transfer gods are with us.
After a few days there we head via Denver to Sioux Falls and environs for a four week stay with family and friends. In addition, Des Moines, Iowa and Hudson, Wisconsin are also on our visit list.
The route home to Sydney will be via Denver and LAX.
Hopefully we will have lots of pictures and a few stories to pass on in the coming weeks.

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