Sunday, March 16, 2014

Vintage 2014 Continues / Part 5

On 9th March we racked the Semillon off the bentonite and fermentation lees, added 30ppm SO2 and sealed the tank to allow final clarification to take place.
We were contemplating adding PVPP (polyvinylpolypyrolidone) to remove a very slight oxidative browning that has occurred.
However we will run a small trial with this to assess any problems that may occur before committing the process to the whole batch.
The Pinot Noir was drained and pressed and egg white for fining plus 50ppm SO2 added.
pH was 3.65 (up from 3.45 at harvest) so we are sure MLF has taken place. No facilities for a proper paper chromatographic test here.
On 12th March we tested the Cabernet Sauvignon
Sugar 12.0 deg Baume and 3.48 pH ie. almost ripe. Another week or so to go before harvest.

Our full vineyard test is carried out by walking the rows and selecting two bunches at random on every 4th vine or so on either side of the row. One bunch is exposed ie. on the outside of the vine, the other within.   The outside rows of the block and vines at the end of rows are ignored.
A grape berry is taken from the top, bottom., middle front and middle back of each bunch.
These grapes are then crushed by hand and the juice extracted.
After giving the solids time to settle out, the juice is tested either with a hydrometer or refractometer and a pH meter.

Experience has shown that this method usually produces a result approximately 0.5 deg Baume higher than that measured at the actual harvest.

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