Friday, April 11, 2014

My Winemaking Bible

I have often been asked via this blog site what book(s) I use to get information on my grape growing and wine making hobby.
First off I have a huge amount of material that was issued as part of my wine growing degree at Charles Sturt University in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Obviously that is not available to everyone.
But there was also a huge compulsory and recommended reading list that came with the course.
From that and from a viticultural viewpoint I suggest:
Viticulture Volume 1 Resources edited by B.G. Coome and P.R. Dry
Viticulture Volume 2 Practices edited by B.G. Coombe and P.R. Dry
Sunlight into Wine by Richard Smart and Mike Robinson
Diseases and Pests edited by P.Nicholas, P. Magarey and M.Wachtel
and for a non Australian but still New World perspective 
General Viticulture by A.J. Winkler, J.A. Cook,W.M. Kliewer, L.A. Lider 
From a wine making point of view there is only one book for me:
Making Good Wine by Bryce Rankine

Dr. Rankine was probably the most prominent wine scientist in Australia but was also well-known internationally.
Sadly, he passed away early in 2013.
A rundown on his distinguished career can be found here.
And of course the internet is a goldmine of information if one has the time to search.
One site that has a great deal of information for the small (or home) winemaker is the Winemaker Magazine.

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