Sunday, May 04, 2014

A Quick Trip to Canberra

The co driver wanted to visit an art quilt exhibition in our nation's capital so we got an early morning start to head up over Clyde Mountain for the 2 hour plus drive.
Stirls who had come down to help with some farm work accompanied us.
We dropped the co driver off at the Convention Center and headed for the National Art Gallery.

 Apart from the permanent displays, they had an exhibition of Asian Art as well as photos of mid eighteenth century Indonesia.
The former had caused some controversy. In amongst the exhibits was a statue that had been apparently looted from an Indian temple and had been sold to the galley for over $5 million. The New York agent who organized the sale is apparently in gaol in India awaiting trial for fraud.
I believe the statue has been / will be returned to India.
The most famous painting in the gallery is probably Jackson Pollock's Blue Poles.

I don't get it. Looks like a paint drop sheet to me albeit an expensive one worth $100 million.
We made our way to the Australian art section. Some of my favourite paintings are here particularly those from the Heidelberg School era. Streeton, Roberts, McCubbin and Conder were all part of the Australian impressionist movement around the end of the 19th century.
Charles Conder

Frederick McCubbin

Arthur Streeton

Tom Roberts

Stirls hadn't been to the Australian War Memorial for 40 years so we made a quick dash over there to have lunch and just had time to visit the relatively new ANZAC Hall section.

Then it was time to pick up the co driver and head back home before dusk started to fall and kangaroos on the Canberra to Braidwood part of the road became a driving hazard.
An enjoyable day all round.

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