Thursday, July 03, 2014

Ready for the 4th July

Australia obviously doesn't celebrate the 4th July.
And we are yet to completely shed the British shackles with Elizabeth II still being Queen of Australia.
The last referendum in 1999 with a 95% voter turnout was 55:45 against cutting ties.
Hopefully one day it will happen!
But there is a large American expat population living in the country and many gather at their respective clubs eg. American Australian Association, regular haunts or privately to capture a bit of 'home' during major events like the 4th and Thanksgiving.
Surprisingly in our small community there are quite a few and a lady even organizes a Thanksgiving buffet lunch for one of the quilting groups in November.
There must be quite a demand for American food too during the year as an online shop, USA Foods, has been in operation for many years and has just expanded into retail premises in Melbourne.
We buy a few essentials (at extremely exorbitant prices) to satisfy our cravings.
Aunt Jemima pancake mix and Louisiana Wing Sauce are just two.
They have a huge range of Mexican grocery items as well which is also a bonus.
So I guess we will have a pancake brekkie and a chicken wing dinner with corn muffins on the side on the 4th. We will put the tiny American flags on our gate posts just to confuse the neighbours.
No fireworks however.

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