Friday, April 10, 2015

A New Woodshed

Over our short and not too cold winter we heat the house with a slow combustion stove.
This is fueled by seasoned hardwood (Eucalyptus) either cut from fallen trees on the property or delivered cut and split by our local 'woodman', Laurie.
The older one gets, the more attractive the latter becomes.
It is stored out of the weather in a woodshed beside our 'barn'.
Over the last few years this shed has deteriorated badly with the support posts rotting out causing a distinct 'list to starboard'.
So I decided to demolish it and build a new one with the help of Stirls during one of his visits.
Now I have to say that Stirls and I are DIY disasters looking for somewhere to happen. Describing us as hopeless is being kind. We can relate some stories about our combined and individual efforts that would shock.
Anyway, I drew out a rough design and measured up the timber requirements. I decided to go with treated pine as it is easy to work with and is virtually white ant and rot proof. Neighbour Bob helped transport the supplies from the local hardware store.

Stirls was enthused enough to look up woodshed building on the Internet and came up with a lot of good tips. He is also a good source of tools.
The main requirements were that it would be big enough to hold a couple of deliveries, be high enough to make access easy and be relatively rain proof.
It took a few days to put together and surprisingly we had little trouble in its construction. It is amazingly straight and square. We were able to recycle a few bits from the old shed and use up some left over roofing from the house as cladding.
The old cladding was used as flooring and what remains of the old posts and supports will be cut up for firewood.
Laurie delivered a couple of loads a week later and seemed impressed with our efforts too.
Of course we have to pass the final test from Neighbour Bob who is a perfectionist when it comes to this sort of thing. Mostly he looks at our work and asks "is it finished?"


The Daughter said...

What about the amazing stacking efforts????

grapegrower said...

OK, I forgot to mention the daughter's superior wood stacking skills.