Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Vintage 2016 / Update 1

Before we left for the USA in early October, bud burst had started.
From our previous experience, leaving the grapes to their own devices at this time of their development, we knew we would be taking a risk of fungus.
However on return early November it appeared we had dodged the fungus bullet and we managed to get spray on both the Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.
However the dreaded lurgi (Influenza A) hit us severely before we could complete the exercise and we were out of action for a month.
Early this week I got spray onto the Tempranillo.
There was some evidence of downy and powdery mildew in the canopy.
We used Agrifos 600 (downy mildew curative), copper oxychloride (downy mildew preventative) and Bayfidan 250 EC (powdery mildew preventative). There is no effective powdery mildew curative so will have to hope that what is visible has not spread too far and the protective spray will do its job.
The Semillon, Cabernet and Pinot seem free of fungus.
We are waiting for good weather, which is forecast for the next few days, to finish spraying.
Today it is extremely stormy.
A huge thunderstorm just missed us this morning but hit town. Torrential rain bucketed down. We only got a few sprinkles.
In Sydney, 170 'crow fly' kilometers to the north, very destructive winds associated with a possible tornado affected the coast around Kurnell at 10:30am this morning. These destructive winds have since moved offshore from Bondi Beach.
Wind gusts up to 213 km/h (132mph) were reported at Kurnell 10:33am.
Wind gusts of 142 km/h were also reported at Molineaux Point (Botany Bay), and 111 km/h at Little Bay this morning.
This type of weather is very unusual for this part of the world.
Who says climate change is a myth?

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