Monday, March 21, 2016

The ALDI Wine Experiment / Part 3 / More Results

-Corte Carista Chianti Classico 2013-
This DOCG wine is made by Castellani Spa and is produced from a blend of Sangiovese (90%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) grapes grown in the vineyards of the Chianti Classico appellation, the most ancient Chianti area.
Tasting Notes: The only wine of the six closed with a cork.
Brick red colour with just a purple tinge. Full varietal aroma of cherry Sangiovese on the nose. Light bodied with hints of the fruit on an earthy background on the palate with well balanced acidity and soft grape and oak tannins. Little if any length.
I would call this wine Chianti Lite.
Probably the least liked wine of the six but still reasonable value at $10.
-Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2014-
I believe this wine comes from the Villebois Wines in the Loire who make Sauvignon Blanc under the appellations of Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé, Touraine and IGP Val de Loire.
Sauvignon Blanc is said to have originated in Bordeaux, France. There it is used to make dry and sweet white wines (Sauternes) and is often blended with Semillon.
Wine making in the Loire is characterized by a general avoidance of barrel aging and malolactic fermentation although some winemakers have begun experimenting with both. Chaptaliziation is allowed and can help wine makers compensate for under ripeness of the grapes in some years.
The region is known for its crisp Sauvignon Blancs. 
Tasting Notes: Light golden/green colour. Almost tropical fruit nose with passionfruit coming through. For us more used to (or tired of) New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs with their herbal/green pepper/grassy nose, this was a pleasant surprise.
This promising introduction was followed up on the palate with passionfruit/gooseberry predominating together with a well balanced zesty acidity and lengthy minerally finish.
A REAL bargain at $8.
-Neve Nelson Pinot Gris 2015-
I couldn't track down the source of this wine either.
The Nelson Wine Region lies on the north coast of New Zealand's south island a few hours drive from the Marlborough region.
Pinot Gris is said to be a mutant clone of Pinot Noir. In many cases wine made from it can have a pink hue.
It probably originated in Burgundy.
In Italy the grape is known as Pinot Grigio. There, the grapes are often harvested  early to retain the refreshing acidity and minimize some of the overt-fruitiness of the variety, creating a more neutral flavor profile.
In comparison the Gris style wines tend to have moderate to low acidity, high alcohol and an almost "oily" texture that contributes to a full-bodied nature. This is the style mainly grown in New Zealand.
Tasting Notes: Light golden colour with just a hint of pink. Distinct honeyed nose. Full bodied with a stone fruit (nectarine) flavours evident on the palate with a good medium acid balance and long fruity finish.
Amazing value at $8.
Conclusion: I admit I was surprised. The ALDI wine selection we chose was exceptional value for money.
None of the wine was at 'special occasion' level but for every day drinking paying 50% of what you normally pay for wine can't be sneezed at.
We will continue to work our way through their offerings and even may try the $4s. 

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