Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Big Storm / Aftermath 2

We like the beach in winter.
Usually deserted, it's a great place to find a spot out of the wind and in the sun to do a bit of quiet reading.
But now it is a little depressing to see 'our' beach in such a mess.
But there is an alternative. A few kilometers further south another favorite has been relatively undamaged by the storm although the parking lot was inundated and large rocks were washed off the breakwater onto the boat tramp.
Maybe the off shore islands helped break up the monster north easterly swell that resulted from the gales.

This is Kioloa and is home to one of the many Marine Rescue stations dotted along the NSW coast.
It provides a vital link in the chain of marine safety services between Ulladulla and Batemans Bay, maintaining radio watch and patrol over that stretch of water assisted by its offshore rescue vessel Kioloa 20.

Kioloa 20 is capable of responding to marine emergencies at short notice and provides peace of mind for over 200 amateur fishermen who venture out to sea in their small boats as well as coastal shipping.
Kioloa with its 'satellites' Merry Beach and Pretty Beach, is a sleepy little village during non holiday times. Numerous kangaroos roam the streets, sleep in the shade of the trees or provide entertainment for the few occupants of the camping grounds and caravan parks.
Life sure does move at a leisurely pace during the off season.

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