Thursday, July 21, 2016

Things That Make You Smile

We all get through life using a lot of 'things'.
Some we take for granted and others we don't know what we would do without them.
I have a few of the latter eg. the ride on mower, chainsaw, fence wire twitcher and iPad.

The co driver has her Pfaff and  iPod.
Some of these are obviously expensive.
But there are a few things we use that were cheap and, for us, indispensable.
The co driver has her needle threading 'machine' and her brass quilting stiletto.

Mine is my jar opener.
Most of us have struggled opening jar lids. To prevent strained wrists we have all used the tap with a knife or run under hot water methods.
And there are a whole lot of fancy devices, some quite expensive, to get the job done.
But we found a plastic lever action 'tool' for under $10.
Called a Jarkey, just fit it under the lip of the lid and tweak.
The seal is instantly broken and the lid easily unscrews.
Haven't come across a jar yet that has resisted this method.
Every time I use it, it makes me smile.

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