Monday, November 07, 2016

The Bushfire Season Starts

It's been a wet winter and there is plenty of fuel on the ground. The mild spring weather has turned suddenly and we are faced with temperatures in excess of 30 deg C and strong dry north westerly winds.
It would seem much of coastal New South Wales is on fire.
We have three near us. The closest is about 5km to the south but moving away.
From our Rural Fire Service App "Fires Near Me"

The other two are 'under control' but this can change dramatically with the vagaries of the wind.Time to dust off our survival plan and make sure we have all our 'essentials' easily located and ready to load in the car for a quick evacuation if ever needed.It's going to be a long summer by the looks of it.
Update 9th November: Rain overnight has eased the situation.

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