Wednesday, August 31, 2011

An August Update

Physical activities have had to be rather limited during my recovery phase but friends and neighbours have jumped in to help so essential farm work has continued.
Finally my six weeks of enforced 'taking it easy' were over and I began catching up on all the postponed chores.
The Cabernet Sauvignon has been pruned and netting repaired.
All the wines have again been racked and sulphured.
Maybe I was a little harsh on the 2011 vintage. Three of the four wines are developing better than first thought.

Our new roof is on and looks good. Even better, no leaks!
We did have a coldish couple of weeks in the house. Wet weather delayed the roof reconstruction half way through and as the house was covered in tarpaulins we couldn't have a fire. Huddled over electric heaters made us appreciate how good our fire is and how worthwhile wood collecting during the year is.
Kudos to Ralph the builder. Not one drop of rain got into the house despite some torrential rain during the 'tarpaulin era'. Funny to see the house looking like some giant tent.
Spring is in the air and our early peach came into flower the last week of July.
And there was bud swell in the Pinot Noir mid August. My grape growing neighbour has bud burst already in his Chardonnay.
Who said climate change/global warming is a myth?

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