Friday, January 18, 2013

Another Scorcher

OK, these hot days can stop now.
We have had enough.
The temperature here reached 43.8 degC at 2pm.
The cool change didn't arrive until 5pm when the temperature dropped to 23 deg C within an hour .
We had headed down the beach in the morning for a swim but it was even too hot down there.
The poor garden is suffering too, the lawn turning brown and the grapevines are drooping.
Am sure we will have leaf and bunch burn on the outer rows.
In Sydney it reached just under 46 degC, which equaled the all time high record set in 1939.
Now for "our fire".

It became active again but thankfully the winds stayed down and its containment has been preserved on the southern side.
It has now burnt out 9100 ha.
Fires in the west of the state are still burning with 50 properties lost. At last count there were 90 with 30 uncontrolled. The largest has burnt out 52,000 ha.
And to finish off a great day, the gusty southerly wind obviously caused problems with the power supply. So we headed into town for dinner and have just now returned with the power finally restored.
So that's it for my whinge of the day.

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