Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tropical Cyclone Oswald

On 17th January, an area of low pressure developed over the the Gulf of Carpentaria several thousand kilometers to the north of us. The system quickly organized and strengthened into a tropical cyclone early on 21st January.
Although a relatively weak storm, Oswald produced torrential rain over much of Queensland causing extensive flooding, severe winds and even tornados.
In what is considered a strange set of circumstances the now intense low storm moved south down the east coast of Australia leaving chaos in its wake

                     Late last night it hit us with torrential rain and rather high, but not high as predicted, winds. We were warned of possible 100km/hr plus.
We have had nearly 150 mm of rain in 2 days. The dams and tanks are full and the creek is running again.
The surf is HUGE with 10m swells off the coast.
Needless to say the potential drought is over and, even better, the bush fires are out.

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