Monday, March 18, 2013

A Combined Date Day

Neighbour Bob called early on Sunday morning wondering if we were interested in joining him and the Jude for lunch at the Pigeon House Tea Rooms.
This is a relatively new cafe set on top of the mountains behind us.
It overlooks the wild Budawang Range which is part of the Great Dividing Range that runs the entire length of eastern Australia.
The dominant feature of this part of the Budawangs is Pigeon House Mountain named by Captain Cook on his voyage of discovery up the east coast in 1770. The summit rises to 720 m above sea level.
The aboriginal name is Didhol (or Dithol or Didthul ) which means woman's breast.
Behind and to the north-west are two elongated plateaux of Byangee Walls and The Castle.

Pigeon House is easily accessible from the coastal towns and around 8000 people climb it each year. The approach from the car park is relatively steep and rough going and on reaching 'the core' you are faced with vertical steel ladders to climb. Not a place for the acrophobic.
Once on top, however, the 360 degree view can be amazing on a clear day.
Most people allow around 4 hours for the return journey and take lunch for a picnic on the summit.

The cafe is in a perfect spot with a panoramic view of the mountains, reasonable food, good service and a relaxed atmosphere. Lots of people there too which is a good sign.
We think we may have our half yearly valley residents get together there in July.

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