Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter is early this year. As result, despite it being autumn, we are still experiencing summer weather.
It's been hot and muggy with temperatures around 30C.
They have predicted a change for Good Friday and maybe that will be the beginning of our favourite time of the year climate wise.
Big things happen in Ulladulla at Easter. By far the most important event is the Blessing of the Fleet followed by a parade through the streets with floats and bands.
All the various arts and crafts clubs and groups have exhibitions of their work throughout the town and there is a huge outdoor market down at the wharf on Easter Monday.
Of course this means we are inundated with tourists during this time.
The roads in and out of town will be clogged and most visitors will be trying to eke out every second of their holiday break over the four days.
For us it means a a quiet time at home.
We did our shopping early on Wednesday getting enough vittles to see us through until next Tuesday.
We have stocked up on hot crossed buns but resisted the urge to overdo the chocolate eggs and bunnies.
We shall close the gate, put up the electric fences and get the cattle up to eat down the grass in the house paddock effectively shutting us off from the outside world.
Not a bad thing to do occasionally.

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