Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dam Tractor!

One of our neighbours. no names/no pack drill, has been a farmer all his life.
He keeps his place immaculate and all his farm work is very precise.
His fences are straight, the posts are all the same height, the wires evenly spaced to the millimeter.
The strainers are a work of art.
Not that he says much, but when he 'inspects' my (and my helper, Stirls) work you can tell by the look on his face he is a little bemused about the 'near enough is good enough' approach.
When he says "is that finished?", when it is, you sort of get the message.
I have learnt a lot of farming things from 'the master' over the years.
This is the latest.
NEVER leave your tractor on a hill unattended with the motor running and the brake not engaged.

The other thing learnt is that screaming "NNNNOOOOOO !!!!" from a distance does not stop a runaway tractor.
No one was hurt in this incident apart from a little bit of pride.
Luckily help was almost immediately on hand for the rescue and it was retrieved with a minimum of fuss.
The local mechanic has been at work and the engine has been stripped down and rebuilt and other moving parts refurbished.
In fact I heard it roar into life yesterday.

Apparently, despite all efforts to keep things quiet, the whole town was soon aware of what had happened.
I think it took over a week before tractor jokes could be openly told.

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