Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Welcoming Committee

We went to visit some friends just down the road today.
This was the welcoming committee in their front yard.
They were obviously enjoying the warm sunshine out of the wind on what was, for us, a relatively cold winter's day (10deg C/50 deg F with wind chill)
My stopping to take a picture disturbed them a little and they all stood up.
When driving out, however, the just looked up from their prone positions and didn't move.

There are thousands of kangaroos in the area and they virtually go where they please.
Fences have to be pretty high to keep them out.
Growing vegetables and fruit (and grapes) need special protection. Our all over netting works out quite well.
But you have to be really careful driving the roads at dawn and dusk when they are active. They have no road sense and hitting one can make a mess of your car, not to mention the 'roo.
I know to most, especially visitors, they have the 'aaaawwwww' factor, but for many locals the general reaction is 'gggggrrrrrrrr'.

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