Friday, July 12, 2013

A Civil War Quilt

As regular readers would know, I am a bit of an American Civil War 'nut'.
So when the co driver asked whether I would like my very own Civil War quilt I had no hesitation in accepting the offer.
Leading up to the Civil War, quilts were made as fund raisers in support of the abolitionist movement. During the war, quilts were made on both sides to raise funds for the war effort and for the comfort of the soldiers.
Due to heavy use and the fact many soldiers were buried in them, very few of this era's quilts have survived to this day.

The co driver used Civil War reproduction fabrics and followed a pattern by Barbara Brackman. While the blocks commemorate the suffragette movement of the early twentieth century there is little doubt many of them would have had Civil War roots.
Having spent many hours waiting inside or sitting outside quilt shops all around the world (not to mention having the house invaded by quilters a number of times a year), I have become au fait with the mechanics of quilting. Talk to me about bolts (never rolls) of fabric, fat quarters, piecing, tops, batting, backs, long arm machines, FMQing or binding any time and you will get an almost informed discussion going.

So when I was asked what sort of backing I wanted I suggested one with Union and Confederate flags would be perfect. The co driver gave me that look which usually means "in your dreams" and referred me to some web sites to look through.
And what do you know? There it was!
So out it came all the way from Kentucky.
So now I am now waiting for the quilt to be pinned basted and then FMQ'd.
I am sure looking forward to wrapping myself up in it to watch a five match Test Cricket series (MCC v Australia) on TV from England late into the night over the next couple of months.


myolivebranch said...

Aren't you the lucky boy!? Quilt is wonderful.

Karen said...

Awwww. Your co-driver must really love you! There is alot of work in that quilt.....