Thursday, July 04, 2013

Post 400

Wow, who would have ever 'thunk' it?
This little project started back in May of 2004 mainly as a record of my and the co driver's life on 'the farm' as a way to keep family and friends up to date with our doings.
It seems to have developed a bit of a life of its own.
I have nothing profound for #400 so will use it as a general update.
We have had some pretty awful weather in the last few weeks.
Lots of rain and a few nasty storms.
Our bottom paddocks were flooded when our creek broke its banks.
It is pretty soggy down there at the moment and limits our winter work.
Despite this, Stirls came down for a few days and we managed to fix some fencing and burn off a few tonnes of fallen timber.
Luckily we now have some quite strong drying westerly winds so hopefully it will soon be time to continue the weed spraying program. We are on top of it but it would be nice to get 100% done this year.

We have started pruning the vines to get them ready for next season.
The 2013 wine in the tank is looking good so far. We have done one racking and it is spending it's time on some old French oak.
All the necessary acid adjustments have been made and we are protecting it with minimum additions of sulphur (30ppm) at the appropriate times.
The co-driver is recovering from surgery and is doing well albeit taking things quietly.
I spent a night in Sydney with the daughter at her new abode while the co driver was in hospital up there.
We had a great Indonesian meal at Ubud in Kingsford. The chicken satay and beef rendang were to die for.
This area used to be my stomping ground when I first moved to Sydney from Brisbane in 1968. Things have certainly changed since then.
So now we are enjoying some winter sunshine and getting prepared for our upcoming holiday.

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