Thursday, February 27, 2014

State Forest Logging

We are surrounded by state forests and national parks.
We have been hearing a lot of noise to the north of us lately.
Our neighbours up that way said the state forest had been logging right up to their boundary fence.
There are some beautiful big trees eg. spotted gum, in that area as well as some pristine temperate rainforest gullies.
So we went for a look at what was happening by driving along the major fire trail that does a big loop from our highway.
It is in places still quite beautiful and untouched.

But the timber felling operation currently underway is very obvious,
But I guess that's what state forests are for.

Rumour has it that once this is finished the area will be handed over to National Parks and become part of Meroo National Park.
This has been the scenario on other occasions.
And talking of big trees, there is one just to the south of us that had been left by the loggers (who knows why) and is now protected by National Parks.
Known as 'old spotty' or 'old blotchy', depending on whom you talk to, it is a spotted gum (Corymbia maculata) with some impressive statistics.
Circumference: 10.8m (423 in)
Height: 50.0m (193ft)
Crown: 30.0m (98ft)
Check out some pictures here.

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