Friday, February 07, 2014

The Rabbits Are Back!

We haven't seen many rabbits around here for nearly a decade after the calicivirus was released in the area.
But lately we have noticed a few in our front garden and I found the beginnings of a warren in the lower paddock.
Bad news!
Rabbits, an introduced pest, are the scourge of Australian agriculture.

So we have been laying baits around the house and will be gassing the warren.
The bait is oats laced with Pindone which is a anticoagulant.
Warrens are treated by filling up and tamping all the entrance holes except one, then putting a Fumitoxin tablet on a wet piece of paper down the last hole and filling that in. The phosphine gas is formed when the tablet is in contact with moisture. 
Both systems work well despite the fact one has to be very careful handling the Fumitoxin and take special precautions to avoid injury. We have seen positive results from the baiting already with a few carcasses around..

We have heard that the authorities will be re-releasing the calicivirus into our area sometime in February but I think it's better to get on top of things earlier.
And for those who think this is all a bit cruel, read about the damage rabbits do here and be aware that landholders are required by law to control rabbits on their property.
Substantial fines apply for those who don't.
Update: 26/02/14 Calici Virus to be released mid March

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