Tuesday, September 01, 2015

A Week to Forget / Follow Up

I was able to do an inspection of fences north of the creek when the flood waters started to recede.
Miraculously there was no damage apart from accumulated debris around posts and hanging off wires. The eastern boundary fence had debris on the top wire which is 1.2m (4ft) high so it was quite a torrent of water that went through. A major electric fence had been washed away but was easily retrieved and reset.
On Saturday the co driver and I finished off the new 'swamp fence' by installing the additional star pickets. It was undamaged.
Part of the Swamp Fence

We had the chance then to inspect the southern fences. Apart from a small wash away there were no other problems. The creek was still running high and fast and one misjudged crossing saw our gum boots filled with water. But we worked on regardless of cold feet and the squishiness (both of us from pioneer stock, obviously).
The Swamp

On Sunday we got the cattle back from the neighours through the boundary fence cocky's gate, lured by lucerne (alfalfa) hay, without any problems. The creek had dropped enough for them to get over.
We had a little talk to them and suggested that better behaviour in the future would avoid a trip to the sale yard and the inevitable BBQ.
And we took the opportunity to fix the wash away while on that side of the creek.
So that was that.
Back home!

Thanks to the (unknown) alert motorist, who made sure our cows were safe, we averted what could have been a nasty incident.
The greatest loss of the whole event was a big stack of seasoned and split firewood for next winter that I had been collecting for a year.
Gone, never to be seen again.
So now we just wait for everything to dry out.
Today is the first day of spring so with all the recently acquired soil moisture and a bit of warm weather the grass should start jumping out of the ground. That will be even more incentive for the cows to stay home.

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