Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Satin Bower Bird

'Way back in 2007 I blogged about our resident satin bower bird.
He is still around and has changed his abode a number of times.
This year he has decided to live under our TV room's window.
He has built a substantial bower and already has a large collection of blue objects.

Some of them are pretty amazing.
There are the usual blue pegs which he steals from our clothes line and some plastic milk bottle tops.
He actually removed the blue cap from the can of personal aerosol insect spray I keep on the back veranda.
There is also a pen, a tube of glue and some package banding
I notice that he has yet to find some girlfriends. But it's early days yet. I hope they keep the noise down (if you know what I mean).
More information on this bird can be found here.

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