Tuesday, January 26, 2016

South Coast Wine Show 2016

The South Coast Wine Show is over for another year. This was the 17th.
There were 111 entries from 13 vineyards and wineries.
8 Gold, 10 Silver and 42 Bronze medals were awarded. That is a success rate of just over 50%.
Two new classes were added this year ie. white and red wines made in the region from grapes outside the region. Both attracted good support and resulted in quite a number of medals.
Previously, entries were restricted to wines made with 85% of grapes from the region.
Of course not all of those wines are actually made in the region. Due to a lack of winery infrastructure or a lack of capacity of local contract wineries, many vineyards send their grapes elsewhere to be vinified.

A prime example is the multi award winning Coolangatta Estate who send their grapes to Tyrrell's Wines in the Hunter Valley, a few hundred kilometers to the north, to be made into wine.
The public tasting on the day after the judging was well attended despite the horrific weather.
The NSW coast has been subject to wild thunderstorms and torrential rain for several days at a time over the last month.
From a grape growing point of view, with harvest just around the corner, this situation is definitely not wanted.
But I digress.
Full details of the Wine Show can be found here.

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