Thursday, June 29, 2017

USA 2017 / South Dakota Part 2

The family gathered for lunch on the Sunday at Lake Hendricks.
As requested deep fried turkey was on the menu.
This is something we never see in Australia. The cooking process seems to be a little dangerous for the uninitiated but not in the capable hands of the bro.


It and the other dishes and sides tasted great.
It was a fun day.
After the stress of the day, our hostess, Lisa, needed a little relaxation. What better than the local casino for a few hours. Our impromptu date evening sprang into action.
Who won? Who lost? That is for only we two to know.
Next day was warm, sunny and windless.
Time to fish!
Armed with my $43 Minnesota fishing license, we launched the pontoon boat and set off trawling around the lake, at first with lures and then with live bait (leeches and worms).
It was a beautiful, peaceful cruise with some stunning scenery.
But after 4 fish, not even a bite.

Then, as a huge storm began to brew on the horizon, we headed for 'port'.
Within thirty minutes the rain pelted down and the wind blew once more and the temperature plummeted.
Nothing to do but retire to the local golf club bar and sink a few beers and eat a burger for supper.
Back home a little later, weather conditions had improved but it had become really cold. Despite this we sat on the dock until late evening (it doesn't get dark until nearly 10pm) and fished some more. The bro caught three nice walleye and I lost a huge what was thought to be a northern pike. They do put up a great fight especially on light gear and line.
Northern Pike

Next morning it was back to Elkton

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