Sunday, May 27, 2012

Life is Easy on the NSW South Coast

We have had two weeks of glorious weather but on Friday a cold change came through and we were buffeted by strong westerly winds for about 12 hours. No damage, no power outages and our 'hanger' (a big branch in a huge tree near the house torn off by a previous storm but caught in the branches) is still up there!
We have been walking around it for weeks, just in case,  and were sure it would come down this time but, no.
They call some gum trees (eucalyptus) in the country 'widow makers' because of their tendency to drop huge branches without warning, even on still days. Our tree is however a Radiata Pine.

Saturday dawned calm so we headed down the beach after breakfast for a sit in the sun and a read.
What a day!
No one around apart from the seagulls.
Some of us, of course, succumbed to the peace, quiet and sunshine.
It was such a good experience, we repeated the whole thing today, Sunday.
And looking at the weather forecast, Monday looks good for another go.

Behind the beach car park, a row of houses is screened by native plants. This year the Banksias have been particularly flowerful.
This wind swept bush is in full flower which is typical for Autumn.

The huge flower spikes are stunning.
To me it looks like the "Giant Candles" cultivar which is a registered nursery plant found originally growing naturally in Brisbane and is mostly likely a hybrid cross between Banksia ericifolia and B. spinulosa.

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