Tuesday, May 08, 2012

'Roos in the Top Paddock

We have a small family (mob) of three wallabies who have taken up residence in our garden. 
The baby (the joey) was in its mother's pouch when they arrived but was 'kicked out' a few weeks later, seemingly weaned a month or so after that and has grown very quickly.
At first they were quite skittish but now realize we are of little danger to them and they go about their business little perturbed by our coming and going. 
That business is predominantly eating and lying in the sun asleep.
As the weeks pass we can get closer and closer to them without them wanting to dash off.
We won't be encouraging them to become tame or be feeding them but it's nice to have them around.
As long as they don't invite their relations they can stay.

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myolivebranch said...

so peaceful....